Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Commute Safely By Bike Year Round with the Bike Library!

Fair weather commuter looking to save bus fare or gas money during the winter? Already bike most of the winter but not sure how to tackle the snow and ice? Wish you could bike to school and work more but afraid of the rain?
Come to the bike library's presentation on Safe and Comfortable Bicycle Commuting Year Round at the Iowa City Public Library on Saturday Feb. 8! We'll be talking about how to bike safely and comfortably in all types of weather with an emphasis on how to tackle cold, snow, and ice on your bike. There will be info on how to stay warm and dry in inclement weather, how to keep your bike from rusting due to the snow, ice and rain, and how to keep from slipping on the ice during the winter. The presentation is free and open to the public.
Safe Bicycle Commuting Year-Round
Sat., Feb 8, 3pm
Iowa City Public Library- Meeting Room A

For more info, email us at iowacitybikelibrary [at] 

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