Sunday, September 16, 2007

Root River

Last weekend (9/7 - 9/9) I went on a camping trip to southeast Minnesota with my 2 daughters and a bunch of people from my church. The root river state trail is a 42 mile multi-use trail through several small towns along the root river. The paved trail used to be a railroad which makes the entire trail pretty flat.

The limestone bluffs, bridges, valleys, and river make for some spectacular views. I wish I had some more pictures.

I only rode about 10 miles of the trail. Someday I'd like to go back and try to do the whole thing. If anyone is looking for a biking/camping vacation, be sure to check out root river.

One of the many bridges along the trail:

Riding through the limestone:

One of the biggest hills :)

A great place to fish. There were a couple people fly fishing in the river. Unfortunately, you can't see them.
If only I knew how to golf...


Jen B. said...

What a gorgeous trip! And... are you pulling two kids on a FIXED GEAR??? Wow.

Scott said...

Yeah, it was a fixed gear, but it wasn't that bad. It was really flat and my oldest daughter on the tag-along bike did most of the work. :)

Del said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing.