Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks BIC, World of Bikes and Geoff's!!!

The generous members of Bicyclists of Iowa City donated a dozen bikes to children that are part of Big Brothers/Big Sister of Johnson County. The Bike Library donated helmets and World of Bikes and Geoff’s Bike and Ski donated the labor to assemble the bikes and gave all the kids locks. The shops also purchased the bikes a cost. WE LOVE OUR LOCAL BIKE SHOPS!!! Please give them your patronage!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bicycle = Power

Last week Steve & I took our old futon across town to Houseworks and picked up our new (well, new-ish) two-seater couch. We did this all by bicycle. Steve was the motor, and I was PR. There were countless smiles and slack jaws at the sight of a bed and then a couch pulled by bike.

Futon loaded and ready.

We hit 5:00 traffic on the way home with the couch, so the trailer got a lot of exposure on this particular run. I think most people don't realize what can be done with a bicycle nor that there is equipment being commercially made to handle such tasks.

Arrival at Houseworks.

Development of a policy for public trailer use is currently in progress. It is in the interest of the folks at the Bike Library to get this tool out on the streets where it can be used, seen, admired and desired. It is our ultimate wish that more people will purchase trailers from Bikes At Work or similar cargo haulers.

Couch heading home.

A fellow commuter asked some questions while at the stop light.

Couch arrives home with instant approval.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Current Schedule

Tuesday, 12/12 -- Work Night, 6 - 8pm
Thursday, 12/14 -- Work Night, 6 - 8pm
Saturday, 12/16 -- Checkout, 10am - 1pm

Tuesday, 12/19 -- Work Night, 6 - 8pm
Thursday, 12/21 -- Ladies Night, 5:30 - 8pm

The Bike Library will be closed starting Saturday, 12/23. We will reopen Saturday, 1/6 for our usual hours, 10 - 1.

A Good Time Despite Billy Graham on One TV and Heisman Trophy Coverage on Another

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Saturday night's party. I had a great time.

This photo was the only one I took that is recognizable. It was pretty dark, and I no use no flash, nuh-uh.

(Left to right -- pineapple, Del, Brian & Joyce.)

Ladies' Night 12/7

Last Thursday the women of Ladies' Night discussed winter riding and our preferred gear. The biggest trouble spot? Gloves. We all had various complaints about our different handwear. The most effective glove set-up present in my opinion was Verna's -- a simple combo of SmartWool liners under a pair of well-made, old school mittens, the kind with a hearty (but faux) leather shell and lofty (but faux) wool interior. (Pictured below at the end of the mustard plaid sleeves.) She found them at the Crowded Closet for cheap, like $5 or something (how much, Verna?).

This once again proves to me that we don't need overdesigned, cycling specific gear to survive the weather, cold or hot. Sometimes it's helpful, but I'm usually disappointed (and usually at an expensive lesson to boot). My glove combo pictured here (at the end of the mustard mohair sleeves) is the DeFeet (cycling specific) synthetic liners with Pearl Izumi (cycling specfic) lobster gloves. The lobsters (a three-fingered mitten) are $80 of inferiority, and I'm excited that they're already falling apart after three years. Excited because I don't feel so guilty beginning the hunt for a second-hand replacement.

Thanks to all the ladies for another great night.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Check out the pic of Lil’ Stevie “Goet-zir-dun” Goetzelman in today’s (Sunday) Iowa City Press Citizen. Good work Steve!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bike Giveaway : This Saturday 12/9

The massive Mark Twain Elementary bicycle hoo-ha is set to take place from 9am until 12pm. Two hundred bikes will be distributed at three locations: Twain, Lake Ridge, and Broadway Neighborhood Center. It sounds like they will mostly need help making sure kids get the right size bike as well as a properly fitting helmet.

They will need all the help they can get. If you are willing/able, please, let me know here under Comments or via email.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Schedule for this week

Tonight (Tuesday) we'll have our usual work hours of 6-8.

Wednesday I'll be around throughout the day, though I'm not exactly sure what times. Call or email me if you want to work, too.

Thursday is Ladies' Night from 5:30 until 8pm.

Saturday is normal checkout hours (10-1) as well as the Mark Twain Elementary bike giveaway and the Bike Library party at 7pm.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mark Twain Elementary Bike Giveaway

Another event happening this Saturday, December 9 is the massive bike giveaway at Mark Twain Elementary. Over 200 bikes will be given to students, so they need help matching kids to bikes of the right size. I'll be there with a couple other BL volunteers, if anyone else wants to help. It will mostly be looking at height and having kids sit on prospective bicycles. When I find out the time, I'll post it here.

Party this Saturday, December 9th at 7pm!

This end-of-year party is for all those involved with the Bike Library. If you're a volunteer or an EA boardmember, please, join us for food and drink at Sam's Pizza, 441 S Gilbert St (their new location) at 7:00pm.