Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bike vs car

A fellow commuter was hit by a car on Monday evening. Luckily he escaped with minor injuries. Read about it here.


Anonymous said...

Which intersection was it?
Which direction was he headed?
What did the driver have to say?

stevep said...

so, i was the hittee.

> Which intersection was it?
dodge st. and prarie du chien. i.e. right in front of the summit bar (for those of you who only navigate by drinking establishment waypoints)

> Which direction was he headed?
alternative answers:

the "right" direction
i was traveling south, the hitter was traveling north. he made a left hand turn from dodge street towards prarie du chien.

> What did the driver have to say?

you ok?
i didn't see you
can you get up

Del said...

What do you think about the "ghostbike" program as a way to " be memorials for the fallen and reminders to everyone to SHARE THE ROAD with one another"

stevep said...

mmm. that is an interesting idea. i definitely like things that increase awareness to motorists, e.g. critical mass, etc. but being kind of a bike parts pack rat though i'd have to think that i'd want some parts from that ghosted bike. assuming that you put this in some public place - even if you chained it to some area/thing - my guess is that the city hauls this away. and i'll bet they don't give it to the bike library for recycling (sic).

Anonymous said...

I like the ghostbike program and have had discussions with the IBC board to institute a statewide program but nothing concrete has been laid down.

Sorry about the pain and bent steel but its good that this instance would not warrant a ghostbike, more like a very darkly tinted windshield or something...


Del said...


Some of the Ghostbike programs recognize not only where cyclists were killed, but also where cyclists were hit.