Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Iowa Lawmakers Consider Bike Rider's License

So, it looks like Iowa is considering a bike riders license:

"A bill introduced Monday to the Iowa Legislature would require all bicyclists, adults and children, who ride on primary or secondary roads to have a bicyclist's license.

Under the proposed bill, the license would cost $10 and would be good for five years."

link to story

link to the bill

I'm pretty sure this license thing is partly in response to the Crawford county mess. $10 isn't that bad compared to what you have to pay for a car registration. I would probably pay it as long as I know that it truly goes to improve cycling. I just don't know if the true purpose is to improve cycling or discourage people from riding on county roads. What do you guys think?


Steve said...

Absent any continuing commitment to ensure cyclists' free access to all roads without hindrance or limitation OR to use the proceeds solely for road and safety improvements for cyclists, this bill is merely harassment of the cycling community. Counties are in a sour mood due to the suit in Crawford.

tjkp said...

I somehow doubt this money will go towards making roads safer for cyclists specifically. There are too many improvements that would need to be seems like just another way for the government to control us.