Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rental Bench has moved...

to Saturdays, 2-4. These hours, of course, are subject to change, so check back here before stopping in to avoid disappointment.

Rental Bench opens use of Bike Library tools and equipment to the public for $5 per hour or free for Environmental Advocates, Bicyclists of Iowa City, or Bike Library volunteers.

One caveat: volunteers on hand may or may not help you with your wrenching, so the risk is yours!


nicheplayer said...

Tonight I was staring longingly at a black Schwinn mtn. bike you have sitting in the "showroom." Is Saturday my first opportunity to buy it?

Cody G. said...

Yep. Saturday between 10 and 1, though be aware we often have a line before we open at 10.