Friday, July 11, 2008

Zach in New Orleans

A few days ago we received a letter from our field correspondent, Zach. Last fall he hit the road on a bicycle adventure. He landed in New Orleans and decided to spend a little time there. This is a glimpse into the two-wheeled world he inhabits now...

The mighty 2x1!! As often as not these days, I just throw my messenger bag in the basket instead of over my shoulder. Them baskets are great... thank you, Wald!

Not the bike project, but Bike Plus, located at Claiborne Ave. and Banks. Yes, you can rent a tux there.

Arright! A brief tour of the bike project I've been volunteering at here most Saturdays from 2-6pm.

Yep... tires. Truing stands, spokes, handlebar & fork stash and more are back by that blue pegboard on the left.

Everything else! We've got eight bikes' worth of stands, which during the Saturday shift are often all occupied, folks working with their rides upside-down on the floor wherever they can find a space.

If ya look closely, the top of the sign says "Sorry dude,..." I love it.

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