Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Is it really this complicated?

After reading Elly Blue's delightful and informational article on gender and bicycling.

Riding in style makes bicycling more appealing to women and men. Thats why my next venture will be into the bike fashion realm!

Yes, I've recognized that there are more males riding bikes than females, but where does one begin to understand why? I just want to ride and love getting others hooked on it too. Whatever it takes to get someone on a bike, lets do it!

Okay so maybe it is and economics plays a huge role. Women still make 77 cent for each dollar that men make doing the same jobs. Women also make more trips especially when childcare duties come into the picture. Perhaps we would see more women on bikes if there were more fashionable and functional attire and accessories. Who knows. I think my next page will simply be: ideas for riding in style with what you already got. Stay tuned!

Until then, check out:
Bicycling’s gender gap: It’s the economy, stupid

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