Monday, October 15, 2012

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Burlington St. Bridge Median Project

Just  imagine—a convenient and safe route for cyclists crossing the Iowa River, whether heading Downtown from the University Hospital or commuting from the Eastside to University Heights. Imagine bicycle commuters on their way to work and parents hauling kids and groceries. Imagine youngsters riding comfortably after school amongst college students on their way from class to dorm. Currently, there is a glaring gap in our transportation infrastructure to make that vision a reality. Burlington Bridge is the one best and most direct route that connects east and west, City and University, Iowa City and University Heights and Coralville.

Burlington St. Bridge would benefit from the use of separated bicycle facilities and with plans for construction of the bridge in the near future, this is the perfect opportunity to implement bike-friendly facilities such as bike lanesbike boxesgreen lanes, or cycle tracks. The two blocks of Burlington Street from Riverside to Madison are arguably the most important blocks for bicyclists. 

Think Bicycles is committed to seeing through a plan that makes that vision of a safe and easy bicycle and pedestrian trip across the bridge a reality.Assuming the trends of health- and environmental-consciousness grow, there will be more cyclists in need of traversing this roadway. Think Bicycles is currently in conversation with a bicycle planning consultant and the Engineering Division from Iowa City about making appropriate adjustments to the plans. 

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