Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ladies' Night 12/7

Last Thursday the women of Ladies' Night discussed winter riding and our preferred gear. The biggest trouble spot? Gloves. We all had various complaints about our different handwear. The most effective glove set-up present in my opinion was Verna's -- a simple combo of SmartWool liners under a pair of well-made, old school mittens, the kind with a hearty (but faux) leather shell and lofty (but faux) wool interior. (Pictured below at the end of the mustard plaid sleeves.) She found them at the Crowded Closet for cheap, like $5 or something (how much, Verna?).

This once again proves to me that we don't need overdesigned, cycling specific gear to survive the weather, cold or hot. Sometimes it's helpful, but I'm usually disappointed (and usually at an expensive lesson to boot). My glove combo pictured here (at the end of the mustard mohair sleeves) is the DeFeet (cycling specific) synthetic liners with Pearl Izumi (cycling specfic) lobster gloves. The lobsters (a three-fingered mitten) are $80 of inferiority, and I'm excited that they're already falling apart after three years. Excited because I don't feel so guilty beginning the hunt for a second-hand replacement.

Thanks to all the ladies for another great night.


Erin Verna said...

they were a dollar fifty!
and actually they are real leather and faux wool. why the cognitive dissonance? no clue.
i also have tried the fancy gloves (pearl izumi) and i gotta say they are not too warm. the seams on the fingertips are the opposite of windproof.
i do have a pair of windstopper polarfeece gloves that were like 25 bucks and work great for up to 20-25 degrees.
now...if only the weather would actually be winter-like.

Cody G. said...

Ah! Real leather! No wonder they look so sturdy.

Winter officially begins next week (I have one calendar that says the 20th, another that claims the 22nd), so mayhap we'll start seeing some more appropriate weather soon. I need to be reassured by the cold.