Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bicycle = Power

Last week Steve & I took our old futon across town to Houseworks and picked up our new (well, new-ish) two-seater couch. We did this all by bicycle. Steve was the motor, and I was PR. There were countless smiles and slack jaws at the sight of a bed and then a couch pulled by bike.

Futon loaded and ready.

We hit 5:00 traffic on the way home with the couch, so the trailer got a lot of exposure on this particular run. I think most people don't realize what can be done with a bicycle nor that there is equipment being commercially made to handle such tasks.

Arrival at Houseworks.

Development of a policy for public trailer use is currently in progress. It is in the interest of the folks at the Bike Library to get this tool out on the streets where it can be used, seen, admired and desired. It is our ultimate wish that more people will purchase trailers from Bikes At Work or similar cargo haulers.

Couch heading home.

A fellow commuter asked some questions while at the stop light.

Couch arrives home with instant approval.


michael said...

well done...!

Erin Verna said...

excellent choice on the couch. looks cozy.

the mostly reverend said...

may i share it with the cats when i come to stay, or must i spend the night in the doghouse for my misspellings?

i won't pee on it, or scratch it excessively. but i might do my jb moves during the night, if my restless leg syndrome acts up.

hunh! awright! i feel good!
git on down! take it to the bridge!

sorry. well done, folks.

Del said...

Cody and Steve,

Thanks for sharing this. I hope we soon have many more Bicycle=Power trailer tales to tell/show!!