Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is it me or is it warm out here?!!!

The warm weather brought out the people on Saturday!!! James and I (Brian) worked our retail magic. We were inspired to put some bikes out sidewalk-sale style. We checked out a few bikes and sold some of Cody’s gorgeous T-shirts. In the midst of all our scurrying about, my good friend John Moreland from Des Moines paid me a visit. He gave me a brief report on Capital City's efforts to start their own BL… good luck DM!

I started to sort through derailleurs to get rid of some of our excess. We now have a $1.00 box for front and rear ders. We also have an excess of brakes that I may try to sort. Just don’t throw out any Mafacs!!!

One thing I’m wondering… what happened to the tall Peugeot???

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Cody G. said...

That sweet Peugot sold for $80. Probably less than what we could've gotten if it had sold auction-style but the guy who wanted it caught me in the midst of our storage pinch. I was itching to get some bikes out!