Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is currently the

agenda for Saturday's meeting (Nov. 18 at 3:30 at House of Aromas). (Click on it for a larger view.) My biggest concern at the moment is how we will reorganize when the full-time volunteer (me) turns back into a small-time pumpkin. I honestly think it will be an easy transition, but we'll need to be clear about responsibilities. The "Division of Labor" isn't exactly clear on the agenda, so I'll explain it a little.

A. Bike Organization: refers to the management side of the operation. If we ran a bike shop, we would call this Sales. This involves making decisions about donated bikes, whether they need to get in line for repair or for disassembly & salvage. I made new repair tags that every bike should get. It can be an itemized list of repairs or a list of parts to remove for reuse before being shipped to the scrap yard. Either way, a tag on each bike will help us save time & energy on bike sorting.

B. Bike Repair: is the Service side of a bike shop. This one is pretty straightforward in that someone needs to be sure we are keeping up with repairs and demand. Whoever wants to be in charge of this will probably have to do a lot of directing & instructing of volunteers. This might also be where the aforementioned repair tags get applied.

C. Money: is like it sounds. Bike deposits need to be recorded and deposited into the bank, while refunds need to be sent to the accountant. These transactions need to be balanced in the ledger.

D. Contact Person: will be the Public Relations, from telling people BL hours to answering inquiry from various media. This is important when we need to solicit the public for bike donations and to keep up the buzz about what we do. Occassionally, radio, TV, and newspaper folks come to us wanting to do little info pieces about the BL.

E. Spring Schedule: should not depend on one person to open the door for repair or checkout. There are four active volunteers with keys, so we could just split it up by day or trade days from week to week or month to month.

There is certainly overlap from one job to the next, so I think we will have flexibility as long as we know what is expected from our responsibilities. We are always seeing new faces, and it's important for those of us who know how the Bike Library operates to guide new or less experienced volunteers. This is something that all of the duties of the BL have in common.

Everything else on the agenda is low-key, but I wanted to get this information posted so anyone wanting to can put some thought into it before Saturday afternoon. If you think of anything that should be added to the agenda, let me know or just show up to the meeting and share it then.

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