Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Rough Draft

I came up with a list of, let's say, chores that comprise the workings of the grand thing we call the Bike Library. The chores themselves can be catagorized, so I started to do that here. Catagories are not fixed and in fact will most likely overlap more often than not. Anyway...


Roadside Breakfast
Yard Sale
Bike Camp


organizing inventory
blog (actually anyone should feel free to do this now... it's for everyone... let me know if you need an account)
updating computer records
unlock the door!
haul trash
haul recycling
make fliers & signs


taking returned bikes
helping patrons find bikes
filling out checkout form, money ledger & receipt
filling out donation receipt
donation pick-up
taking bikes to Broadway Neighborhood Center
trailer rentals (policy in the works)
Rental Bench (starting soon)


safety check of repaired bikes
price & serialize repaired bikes
getting repair tags on donated bikes


strip bikes
separate mixed metal & Al (no more plastic!)
haul salvage


press releases
phone contact
email contact


volunteer training (this one is huge... there's training about how the BL works & training about bike repair... we should all be ready to be responsible for both, as well as have a couple/few people to do training "sessions")
designating volunteer duties, or who gets to work on what
volunteer scheduling

Okay so some of this is obvious, but I think it's necessary to get it all out in one list. Still, I may have accidentally left out some things.

I intentionally left out all duties dealing with money, since Brian & I have decided to keep doing this one the same way. I also left out Ladies' Night, but that's only because I'm currently the only female keyholder. I am certainly willing to commit to keeping this event going.

This is a start at defining roles within the Bike Library. Please, share any thoughts you may have about this lateral shift of responsibilities.


gpickle said...

I love doing breakfast but would appreciate extra help if anyone else would like to get in on it. Rental bench should be good to go and I am planning to begin weekend after this one and we shall see how it goes. I plan to help out with morale, repair, recycling, salvage, trailer, etc as I have for the past year as I am a committed volunteer. I love the BL!

6:47 PM

jen b. said...

Hey, gpickle! I'll especially help with the food prep for Roadside Breakfasts... We know I love to bake!

Erin Verna said...

I would be more than happy to do some hauling & sorting - scrap, recycling, etc. Maybe I could be a regular in that department? Unless, someone else already has their heart set on it. I could set up a regular time to do it. Every week?