Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back in Action!

We are indeed having our monthly Roadside Breakfast tomorrow (Friday) from 7:30am until 9:30am. Ride yer bike to help us drink the coffee and eat the muffins!

Also, the Bike Library will resume its Saturday checkout hours (10am - 1pm) this Saturday.

As far as volunteer work nights, I (Cody) can commit to Tuesdays (6pm - 8pm). Any other keyholding volunteers want to offer other time slots for working?

My full time position is ending very soon, so it's necessary that folks make specific commitments to keep the Bike Library running smoothly. We'll need volunteers to serve as coordinators of bike intake & repair, bike checkout, events (such as the breakfasts), volunteers (taking volunteer applications & administering training), and PR (to serve as the main contact).


jen b. said...

I'll commit to Saturday check-out hours. I don't have a key... but I'll commit to being there regularly.

Anonymous said...

I can commit to Thursdays, 6-8 pm and not a minute longer. Except for work-related out-of-town-ness. This is James D., by the way. And I should be there most Tuesdays, too. I'll liberally sprinkle myself among the Saturdays, but for now I'll leave my arrival times as surprises.

Cody G. said...

I plan to start listing here the widely varied tasks I've been doing the past year. Jen & I were talking about this yesterday, and I realized some of it is kind of busywork (like making photocopies or updating our records on the computer), some of it is more engaged with the community (like outreach events or press interviews).

I'll probably make a big list of all the things I've taken to doing and post them here in the next few days.