Saturday, January 06, 2007

Roadside Breakfast - First of 2007

A fine spread of fresh pressed coffee, 10-grain muffins, apples and tangerines, not to mention tea and hot cocoa.

When Steve & I first arrived around 7am, it was just after dawn. There was a full moon hanging heavy in the west and a murder of crows making their mess as they moved through downtown. The air felt like the lion of spring had already passed. It was weird. We had a small turnout of around ten people. There were many conversations about the weather, not the idle kind, either. An Inconvenient Truth was brought up several times.

Many of us at the Bike Library feel that our bike activism is one way of changing the pattern of environmental damage wrought on this planet over the prior couple centuries. It doesn't stop there, though. Environmental damage is inextricably intertwined with the decay of our communities, the isolation of the individual, class and race segregation, and the apparent failure of consumer capitalism. The bicycle is a tool to engage solutions, but for me it all hinges on community action and participation.

Policymakers are a part of the community, too. That's an important one to remember, since policymakers make decisions that affect us all. To learn more about the folks at Iowa City's city hall, check out:

There's also the Johnson County Board of Supervisors:

Both pages have full contact info.

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